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Asset Management & Real Estate Owned (REO)

In addition to our other service offerings, we also offer a variety of individual services throughout Western Massachusetts. These services include:

  • Online Property Management Reports - Real time reports are available at your fingertips-- outlining income, expenses and everything in between; all with customizable formats for your (or your clients) needs. 

  • Compliance Checks and Status Reports - With our online platform, our staff can conduct routine inspections detailed with pictures and notes that are stored for within your secure database.  

  • Property Preservation Services - Unfortunately properties often end up sitting vacant as they undergo the needed regulatory requirements. Preservation services are available to keep costs down AND ensure the parcel does not face a catastrophic loss through smart preservation services. 

  • Residential Repair Estimates - Need something something repaired right away? Our on staff personnel can get on site within minutes to prevent larger issues. For larger projects, our staff and a host of contractors can be brought in to evaluate the best options and provide estimates for all of your construction or restoration needs. 

  • Broker Price Opinion (BPO) - Unsure what the property is truly worth given the condition? Our staff of qualified real estate agents can offer valuations to help find the appropriate price points for your needs.

With 12+ years in the property management business, we are confident our staff will manage your Assets or Real Estate Owned properties with ease. Whether you're working with a bank, a government agency, or government loan insurer we can and will be able to deliver high quality results for a fraction of the price of our competitors. 


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